Friday, February 12, 2016

Gallery Of #NHCDNationalHoliday Entrants


Things didn't go as well as we had hoped in terms of amount of entries, but we appreciate those that did enter and the winner of our contest has been contacted.

Thoughts on our #NHCDNATIONALHOLIDAY contest, gallery and idea of making it a holiday are welcomed!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Show Us Your Favorite NHCD Card And Win!

We have been talking about it all week with our hashtag, #NHCDNationalHoliday, in which we were trying to get it trending to help make it a National Holiday.

So here is a simple easy contest to add even more pleasure to National Hockey Card Day!

Email us at with YOU holding your favorite 2016 NHCD card and one random email will win a hockey card prize pack. Please include your name and even Twitter handle if you have one.

UPDATED!! YOU CAN POST YOU PICTURES ON TWITTER NOW TOO! Feel free to tweet, email or Facebook post them to our wall. Random winner! If more than 10 entries, more prizes!

The only catch, after you enter, you agree to the only contest rule that we will be able to post your picture on our blog which we will do by Tuesday the 9th. That's it. Let us post your picture and you could win!

Good luck and contest ends 2/12/16 at 11:59 pm. We extended the deadline. Only 2 submissions. The more submissions, the more prizes.

Make sure to get your submissions in and have fun! Nothing says celebration like free cards!

PRIZES SHOWN! If good turnout could be extra winners!

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Upper Deck the leading card manufacturer in innovation has done it again. This time changing the way we view digital cards.

Upper Deck created the e-Pack, a digital platform where fans can open packs anytime, anywhere. Yes, anytime, anywhere. How can this not be exciting for us???

Info on this revolutionary innovation can be found here:

Here is also a short video on how the program works:

We think this is incredible. Finally a digital card you can actually own and not just stare at on your mobile device. You can buy packs and boxes and cases from anywhere. Even the bathroom! Bust a box right there on the toilet. Don't have an LCS, well, that doesn't matter, go to the e-pack website and buy a box. That TOPPS all others. You also get ONE FREE PACK PER DAY of 3 cards!!! FREE! 

Imagine if Upper Deck had access to all sports???!! You know, the reason we created the pages and created this blog. Right now it's just hockey and Upper Deck Series 1 which isn't shabby at all when you can #CollectConnor within. Those values and sales are through the roof! Yes, you can sell these cards on COMC too!

With this new revolution to sports cards, we encourage you strongly to continue to LIKE our pages on Facebook and send a message to all of the leagues that we want Upper Deck back in the game. The e-pack in general is a sign the hobby is heading in the right direction under Upper Deck's lead.

The Time For Love

As well all know, February is the time for love. And if you are looking to celebrate with your love, the day to do that is February 6th 2016.

When we are speaking of love, we are talking about your LOVE of Upper Deck Hockey Cards!! BOOOO YAH!

Here is the Checklist, images of this years promo. You can find that HERE:

We were also thinking, since this is such a big day every year, why can't this be put down on calendars as a National holiday??!! It does say, NATIONAL Hockey Card Day. And there are TONS of people who celebrate it. So let's start a revolution! Let's get this added to calendars. Let's send letters, emails whatever it takes to make the biggest day in hockey cards even bigger!!

Together we can all get Upper Deck National Hockey Card Day added to the holiday registry!!  

If you have Twitter or Facebook, let's get this hashtag trending, #NHCDNationalHoliday. Thanks in advance!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Q+A With Idonta Collect Hockey-Cards

Here is the second post in a three-part Why You Should Collect Upper Deck Hockey Cards series.

Last week we sat down with Russian card collector, Idonta Collect Hockey-Cards for an exclusive interview.

US: Idonta, first off, thank you for sitting down with us today.
Idonta: No problem. I like to talk.
US: So it's been said you are a die hard card collector. What do you collect?
Idonta: Football cards
US: Any specifics?
Idonta:  All?
US: Any specific company?
Idonta: Upper Deck. They are the only ones who make me feel part of game. Real action photography, limited cards and tons of value. I didn't care whether it's NFL or NCAA I bought.
US: So it must be rough now that Upper Deck doesn't make the NFL or NCAA cards.
Idonta: That is an understatment.
US: So what have you been collecting since?
Idonta: I have been buying sandwich cards
US: Excuse us?
Idonta:You know. Sandwich cards. The Panini
US: Oh. How are those?
Idonta: Just like the sandwich, they leave bad taste in my mouth
US: Sorry to hear that. 
Idonta: I sorry to say that. Bad world card collecting turning to.
US: Agree.
Idonta:  I also tried to spin the Topp once. They cards so thin I think they use recycled TP. Design similar to some on TP I wipe with.
Idonta:I been sad since no Upper Deck at all. I try buy older Upper Deck cards but it not the same since I own most. I want new stuff. I wished they hadn't left the market.
US: Well you realize that's why we are here. To help Upper Deck re-gain what should be theirs.
Idonta:  Yes.
US: And what do you mean by them not being on the market anymore? You do realize they still make cards don't you?
Idonta:They do?
US: Yes. They do some golf...
Idonta:(laughs). Clubs and balls? I like hard hitting between people. Not between a club and ball.
US: And Hockey cards.
Idonta: They make hockey?
US: You didn't know?
Idonta: No. Hockey is my second favorite sport. Not sure about collecting hockey cards however.
US: Have you ever seen their hockey cards? If you like their football cards, we assure you, you will LOVE their hockey cards.
Idonta: No. Never seen them.

We wanted to make sure that Idonta got a good look and showed him these images which he was very excited about:



Idonta: Holy mother of cows! I would take these an my main encore over sandwich any day.
US: We told you. Upper Deck may not be putting out any football cards anymore, but they are still sticking to their roots and making us, COLLECT THE BEST. 
Idonta:I might have to try some hockey cards.
US: Bet you are glad to have sat down with us today now aren't you?
Idonta:Yes. Very much so. Now I want hockey cards.
US: Don't let us hold you back. Get out there and buy! Make sure to tell others as well.
Idonta: I vill!

Oddly enough after our interview last week, Idonta changed his name to Igonna. Not saying we had anything to do with that, but........

Friday, September 25, 2015

Now Is The Time To Buy Hockey Cards

(James Earl Jones voice booming)

From the creators that brought you this......


And this....




Brings you something that you may not have tried before.....

Something big, so YOUNG, that you may be GUNning for them.........


2015-2016 Upper Deck HOCKEY! Yes, hockey cards!

(normal voice now, let's just say the common person or you can make it more fun and picture Betty White or Morgan Freeman taking over at this point) 

With Upper Deck without an MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA license, they have put a strong emphasis on their hockey cards. Do you know who wins? US, the collectors!!!

This means all of the greatness that Upper Deck brought to all of those other sports is now compacted down to one. So expect great value, limited cards, innovation and more just to Collect The Best!

And with one of Upper Deck's most popular brands right around the corner in their 2015-2016 Upper Deck hockey, you might want to get ready to bust some packs! Like we said, Now Is The Time To Buy Hockey Cards!

Not only will Upper Deck be blasting out another great product full of action packed hits, shots and more on the ice, but the next GREATEST hockey player's rookie cards will be found!

If you haven't heard about Connor McDavid or seen him, here is a small video highlight that you don't wanna miss!

Whether you are a seasoned hockey card collector or a new one, there is definitely plenty to be excited about this upcoming season. For you newbies or ones that may come into the hockey collecting world, we challenge you to pick up some packs of 2015-2016 Upper Deck hockey and see for yourselves why you won't be disappointed.
Even if you don't watch the sport but you collect cards and enjoy what Upper Deck has been putting out, you will be glad we told you to start trying hockey.

Good luck to all of our new and old hockey card collectors and when 2015-2016 Upper Deck hockey releases, please be sure to share your hits HERE on our new Facebook page just for hockey collectors or tell us about them here in comments! 

Let the Connor McDavids ever be in your favor!