Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Guest Blogger: Why You Should Collect Upper Deck NHL Cards 2013-2014

Note from us bloggers: This is a guest article. We had this submitted to us and found it very intriguing on collecting Upper Deck NHL Cards for next season. They had as much passion for this cause as we do for Upper Deck NFL, NHL, NBA Cards. We Hope you enjoy!

Why You Should Collect Upper Deck Hockey Cards for the 2013-2014..DOUBLE STACKED!
Doesn’t everything sound better double-stacked? For examples, double-stacked bacon cheeseburger? Double-stacked pancakes? What about double-stacked lasagna (yeah….kinda made that up but it does sound good doesn’t it?) But most importantly... what about a double-stacked Upper Deck NHL rookie card year?

Yep, that’s right double-stacked rookie class. You may be a on a calorie restriction for the other double-stacked items but nobody says you have to be on a rookie restriction. If you are a fan of hockey, a fan of hockey cards, you collect other Upper Deck sport cards or maybe you are new to collecting in general I am here to tell you that this is the time to start collecting Upper Deck NHL cards.

Hold on a second while I take a bite of my double-stacked Oreo (and no its not just a double stuffed..its a double stuff double-stacked)...mmmmmm…sorry now back to why you should be collecting Upper Deck hockey cards this upcoming season.  


Not only can you get double the rookies because of the two classes, Upper Deck promises they have already acquired a lot of the autographs from rookies this season to reduce redemptions for next years products. So that means faster autographs for both classes in your hands straight from packs!!

Rookies will not be the only thing double-stacked…look at Upper Deck’s exclusive autograph deals with legends Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzky. Now that’s a double-stacked autograph duo and possibly card. And another exclusive double-stacked addition to Upper Deck’s 2013-2014 NHL cards is the combination of Team Canada and the Olympics being an Olympic year for them.  That’s going to be like a double stacked Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. 

Man, this rack pack of Upper Deck NHL 2012-2013 Series 1 I am opening right now is double-stacked with excellent photographed cards.  Wow!  I can’t wait til its double stacked with rookies.
To find out more about Upper Decks double-stacked rookie class for its upcoming 2013-2014 products use the double-stacked links provided below:


We all know that the hobby is built around rookie cards and what better opportunity to jump on board with a rookie laden year that Upper Deck also says will be rookie pack heavy.

Hopefully by now I have either made you very hungry or have gotten my point across that collecting Upper Deck cards for the upcoming 2013-2014 NHL season. So what I recommend, is grabbing that double stacked bacon, cheddar, lettuce, onion, tomato, turkey club sandwich, a bag of double-stacked flavor chips , a double stacked refreshing Mountain Dew and open up the double stacked rookie class cards of Upper Deck 2013-2014 hockey. If not, you are going to miss out, like if you don’t order this sandwich…BIG TIME!

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