Sunday, August 25, 2013

Win Boxes Of Sp Authentic Basketball 12-13

Hi Everyone!! It's been so long since we have done a giveaway. But the wait is no more! We have a top notch giveaway starting right here with details to follow on how YOU CAN WIN 1 of 2 Boxes of Sp Authentic Basketball 12-13.

We have seen a lot of chitter chatter on many sites complaining about the effort put forth into NBA cards now-a-days. So we look at this as a golden opportunity to show the league what us TRUE NBA card fans want! Let's let the league know what we want and that we want Upper Deck back in the running! And that Upper Deck will give us what we want in NBA Cards!

Now onto how 2 of you can win a box of Sp Authentic Basketball cards:

First off visit this site:

Then type up an email to the league telling them why you want Upper Deck to have the basketball license. Length and content will not improve your chances of winning as the contest will be a  random draw. Here is an example of what it should look like:

Once you have it typed up, take a picture of it like this one. Make sure we can see ALL FIELDS for your entry to count like this one. Then hit the submit button.

After submitting this screen will show up. Take a picture of this as well. Without both pics your entry WILL NOT count.

Email both pics to us along with your name and email to We will go through all of the entries and the ones that qualify, meaning both pictures are sent, will have their name thrown into a random draw and TWO random winners will each receive a box of Sp Authentic basketball 12-13 for their efforts.

******Only rules are YOU MUST BE A U.S. Resident. We apologize for this rule. Shipping costs are the reasons and since we are fans and not an actual company we would like to save on costs if possible. The only other rule is that you must have your entries in by September 15th 2013 by midnight E.T.. You also DON'T have to LIKE the Bring Back NBA Page to participate. Though LIKING THE PAGE is very encouraged so you won't miss out on future giveaways WHICH THERE WILL BE PLENTY.******

Both Winners Will Be announced Monday September 16th after we sort through all of the entries and do a random on We will post winners here and on our Facebook pages.

Good Luck on your entries, have fun, and most importantly Let's Bring Back Upper Deck NBA Cards!

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