Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dear MLB....

Dear Bud Selig and MLB,

We, the fans of Upper Deck trading cards, are writing to you in regards of something you took away from us. Why would you not let Upper Deck have a chance at a MLB card license? What a loss it has been to the hobby. Upper Deck ALWAYS put the best baseball cards out on the market and showcased the game on cardboard in a way that no one else can. It was like a frozen moment of time and history on a sport card. No borders to take up the action photography which made you feel like you were there watching it live. A bright and bold design on some products that showcased baseballs best and upcoming stars like never seen before! And every product was different both in cost and in design. Giving collectors young and old a great variety.

Whats out on the market now is what feels to be reruns. Its like watching the same baseball game over and over again and we the fans of both MLB trading cards and Upper Deck are tired of it. We want something new, fresh and exciting. And we will not put money into something we don't believe in. We don't want those kind of baseball cards. We want Upper Deck MLB cards.

Thank you and hope you take Upper Deck back into your consideration for a MLB license,

Bring Back Upper Deck MLB Cards and Fans

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