Friday, September 25, 2015

Now Is The Time To Buy Hockey Cards

(James Earl Jones voice booming)

From the creators that brought you this......


And this....




Brings you something that you may not have tried before.....

Something big, so YOUNG, that you may be GUNning for them.........


2015-2016 Upper Deck HOCKEY! Yes, hockey cards!

(normal voice now, let's just say the common person or you can make it more fun and picture Betty White or Morgan Freeman taking over at this point) 

With Upper Deck without an MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA license, they have put a strong emphasis on their hockey cards. Do you know who wins? US, the collectors!!!

This means all of the greatness that Upper Deck brought to all of those other sports is now compacted down to one. So expect great value, limited cards, innovation and more just to Collect The Best!

And with one of Upper Deck's most popular brands right around the corner in their 2015-2016 Upper Deck hockey, you might want to get ready to bust some packs! Like we said, Now Is The Time To Buy Hockey Cards!

Not only will Upper Deck be blasting out another great product full of action packed hits, shots and more on the ice, but the next GREATEST hockey player's rookie cards will be found!

If you haven't heard about Connor McDavid or seen him, here is a small video highlight that you don't wanna miss!

Whether you are a seasoned hockey card collector or a new one, there is definitely plenty to be excited about this upcoming season. For you newbies or ones that may come into the hockey collecting world, we challenge you to pick up some packs of 2015-2016 Upper Deck hockey and see for yourselves why you won't be disappointed.
Even if you don't watch the sport but you collect cards and enjoy what Upper Deck has been putting out, you will be glad we told you to start trying hockey.

Good luck to all of our new and old hockey card collectors and when 2015-2016 Upper Deck hockey releases, please be sure to share your hits HERE on our new Facebook page just for hockey collectors or tell us about them here in comments! 

Let the Connor McDavids ever be in your favor!

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