Monday, September 28, 2015

Q+A With Idonta Collect Hockey-Cards

Here is the second post in a three-part Why You Should Collect Upper Deck Hockey Cards series.

Last week we sat down with Russian card collector, Idonta Collect Hockey-Cards for an exclusive interview.

US: Idonta, first off, thank you for sitting down with us today.
Idonta: No problem. I like to talk.
US: So it's been said you are a die hard card collector. What do you collect?
Idonta: Football cards
US: Any specifics?
Idonta:  All?
US: Any specific company?
Idonta: Upper Deck. They are the only ones who make me feel part of game. Real action photography, limited cards and tons of value. I didn't care whether it's NFL or NCAA I bought.
US: So it must be rough now that Upper Deck doesn't make the NFL or NCAA cards.
Idonta: That is an understatment.
US: So what have you been collecting since?
Idonta: I have been buying sandwich cards
US: Excuse us?
Idonta:You know. Sandwich cards. The Panini
US: Oh. How are those?
Idonta: Just like the sandwich, they leave bad taste in my mouth
US: Sorry to hear that. 
Idonta: I sorry to say that. Bad world card collecting turning to.
US: Agree.
Idonta:  I also tried to spin the Topp once. They cards so thin I think they use recycled TP. Design similar to some on TP I wipe with.
Idonta:I been sad since no Upper Deck at all. I try buy older Upper Deck cards but it not the same since I own most. I want new stuff. I wished they hadn't left the market.
US: Well you realize that's why we are here. To help Upper Deck re-gain what should be theirs.
Idonta:  Yes.
US: And what do you mean by them not being on the market anymore? You do realize they still make cards don't you?
Idonta:They do?
US: Yes. They do some golf...
Idonta:(laughs). Clubs and balls? I like hard hitting between people. Not between a club and ball.
US: And Hockey cards.
Idonta: They make hockey?
US: You didn't know?
Idonta: No. Hockey is my second favorite sport. Not sure about collecting hockey cards however.
US: Have you ever seen their hockey cards? If you like their football cards, we assure you, you will LOVE their hockey cards.
Idonta: No. Never seen them.

We wanted to make sure that Idonta got a good look and showed him these images which he was very excited about:



Idonta: Holy mother of cows! I would take these an my main encore over sandwich any day.
US: We told you. Upper Deck may not be putting out any football cards anymore, but they are still sticking to their roots and making us, COLLECT THE BEST. 
Idonta:I might have to try some hockey cards.
US: Bet you are glad to have sat down with us today now aren't you?
Idonta:Yes. Very much so. Now I want hockey cards.
US: Don't let us hold you back. Get out there and buy! Make sure to tell others as well.
Idonta: I vill!

Oddly enough after our interview last week, Idonta changed his name to Igonna. Not saying we had anything to do with that, but........

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