Saturday, January 30, 2016


Upper Deck the leading card manufacturer in innovation has done it again. This time changing the way we view digital cards.

Upper Deck created the e-Pack, a digital platform where fans can open packs anytime, anywhere. Yes, anytime, anywhere. How can this not be exciting for us???

Info on this revolutionary innovation can be found here:

Here is also a short video on how the program works:

We think this is incredible. Finally a digital card you can actually own and not just stare at on your mobile device. You can buy packs and boxes and cases from anywhere. Even the bathroom! Bust a box right there on the toilet. Don't have an LCS, well, that doesn't matter, go to the e-pack website and buy a box. That TOPPS all others. You also get ONE FREE PACK PER DAY of 3 cards!!! FREE! 

Imagine if Upper Deck had access to all sports???!! You know, the reason we created the pages and created this blog. Right now it's just hockey and Upper Deck Series 1 which isn't shabby at all when you can #CollectConnor within. Those values and sales are through the roof! Yes, you can sell these cards on COMC too!

With this new revolution to sports cards, we encourage you strongly to continue to LIKE our pages on Facebook and send a message to all of the leagues that we want Upper Deck back in the game. The e-pack in general is a sign the hobby is heading in the right direction under Upper Deck's lead.

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