Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Time For Love

As well all know, February is the time for love. And if you are looking to celebrate with your love, the day to do that is February 6th 2016.

When we are speaking of love, we are talking about your LOVE of Upper Deck Hockey Cards!! BOOOO YAH!

Here is the Checklist, images of this years promo. You can find that HERE:

We were also thinking, since this is such a big day every year, why can't this be put down on calendars as a National holiday??!! It does say, NATIONAL Hockey Card Day. And there are TONS of people who celebrate it. So let's start a revolution! Let's get this added to calendars. Let's send letters, emails whatever it takes to make the biggest day in hockey cards even bigger!!

Together we can all get Upper Deck National Hockey Card Day added to the holiday registry!!  

If you have Twitter or Facebook, let's get this hashtag trending, #NHCDNationalHoliday. Thanks in advance!

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